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Public Education Discussion Panel Series

Shelley Skinner

Shelley Skinner is the Executive Director of the Better Education Institute (BEI). For years Shelley worked as a producer and international distributor of high quality children’s programming, most notably Thomas The Tank Engine. As she had her own two children, and put down long-term roots in Jersey City, NJ, she became aware of an overall lack of vision and leadership in many areas of government, but specifically in education. Shelley watched many young families struggle as hers does with the issue of teacher quality and limited school choices, the combination of which drive young families from urban centers.


In 2007, Shelley was named Jersey City Woman of Action for her work in education advocacy. In 2009 Shelley, Shelley ran a successful city Council election campaign where her candidate won 63% of the vote.


Before joining B4K, Shelley served as the Director of Development and Community Relations for one of the highest performing charter schools in New Jersey, the Learning Community Charter School. Shelley was a member of Governor Chrisitie’s Education Transition Team and currently serves as the Advocacy Chair on the board of The New Jersey Charter Public Schools Association.

Shelley is a graduate of Pitzer College, and a native of Chicago, Il.

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