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Public Education Discussion Panel Series

Panel Discussion 2015  -  The Role of Performing Arts, Athletics, and Volunteer/Civic Activities on Academic Achievement



Alison Scott-Williams

Assemblyman Benjie. Wimberly

Heather Tedesco

LOCATION: 764 11th Ave, Paterson

DATE: April 1, 2015

Alison Scott-Williams

Assemblyman Benjie. Wimberly

Discussion Topic Areas


1. How did you become involved in education, and specifically in instruction and engagement in special subjects and extracurricular activities?


2.  As leaders who facilitate student participation in sports, the arts, and community engagement: How have you witnessed-students benefit from participation in such activities?-academically, behaviorally, socially?


3. Can you speak to a specific instance in which a student’s life was enriched or positively changed due to their engagement in these activities?


4. What is (or was) the biggest challenge in leading your respective programs?


5. What would you tell parents or critics who are concerned about today’s students being “overscheduled?” How would you convince them to make extracurricular engagement a priority?


6. In your opinion, how many hours per week can/should bededicated to extracurricular (non-academic) activities for a K-8 student? 9-12 student?


7. How does parental engagement impact individual student success and overall program success?


8. Many schools have been forced to reduce or eliminate their non-core curriculum subjects and extracurricular activities to stay within budget. How would you recommend schools continue to provide access to sports, the arts, and student leadership programs with limited means? Is there a middle ground between full funding and nothing at all?


9. Are there ways that schools can collaborate or share the responsibility to administer/share costs in order to provide more opportunities for student participation in sports, the arts, and student clubs and leadership organizations?


10. Should students be given academic credit for successfully participating in some extracurricular activities (especially ones shown to have significant developmental benefits for students)?


11. Last year, Sayreville made national headlines when it was discovered that members of its football team engaged in abusive hazing activities. How can school leaders, parents, and students work together to ensure that hazing and bullying do not occur during participation in student activities? How do we protect students without eliminating these programs?



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Heather Tedesco

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